Excellent choice for me as he got Assault,DUI, reckless driving charges withdrawn within three months. I will recommend him to anyone in need of a good criminal lawyer. Certainly one of the best out there.

Best lawyer you won’t regret it.he endlessly work’s hard for his client’s. Royland is worth every penny. He is a top notch lawyer. Go ahead and try him you will be so happy with the results.

Mr. Ismar Horic is by far the best criminal lawyer I have dealt with. I only wish I had met him and used his services sooner. He is friendly,very knowledgeable of criminal law,flexible and willing to work around his clients’ schedule. He deserves more than five stars!

First of all Monte MacGregor is an excellent lawyer who puts his clients and their family first. He has represented my husband on an attempted murder charge and after 22 months in jail he was found not guilty. Monte was tremendous with how he crossed examined the crown’s witnesses. He came highly recommended and I can honestly say he is the best lawyer in Toronto. My husband has had many lawyers in the past and they never showed him any respect and fought for him in the way Monte did. I would definitely recommend Monte MacGregor as a lawyer who will fight for you regardless of your record or your charges.

He is one of the best criminal Lawyer in Ontario. I had many criminal charges at once. The crown wanted jail time. Mr. Horic is an amazing speaker and the way he spoke to the judge he got me off most of my criminal charges. I ended up with 2 charges Which was a criminal discharge that get dropped after 2 years. He did a great job and kept a positive attitude. He is also a caring person. He closing statement was very impressive And convincing. I really recommend him to anyone who needs a knowledgeable criminal lawyer.

Best lawyer ever was facing upto 5 years on 60 charges got me off with a curfew for 6 months highly recommend him, will do the best job possible and gets the best results

I was referred to Ismar by a friend who knows his good track record. Not only he helped me to have the domestic violence charges which were manipulated by my ex spouse completely withdrawn. His approach to client is very professional and methodical. He listens, priorities, value and respect your right despite what is against you. He is a lawyer who works from his heart! It is very rare to find a such experienced lawyer who truly cares. High recommand.

Best lawyer ever was facing upto 5 years on 60 charges got me off with a curfew for 6 months highly recommend him, will do the best job possible and gets the best results

Ismar Horic – “A True Savior” He truly saved my life when I have got charges (Over 80 and Impaired) both together. It was almost impossible to win my case and I was broken at many stage of the process of this case, but he always been there for me. Mr. Ismar always gave me right advice. And at the end because of his great contacts and hard work he convince crown lawyer to drop my charges to careless. He literally gifted me a new life. TO BE HONEST BEFORE MEETING HIM I HAVE CONSULTED MORE THEN 55 LAWYERS KNOWING THAT MY CASE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN. BUT FINALLY I MADE RIGHT DECISION BY CHOOSING HIM. IF YOU ARE CHARGED CRIMINALLY PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON FAKE AND IRRESPONSIBLE LAWYERS PLEASE CONSULT HIM. TONS OF THANKS ISMAR, YOU REALLY ARE MY HERO!! 🙂

Natural fighter a true advocate with his clients best interests in mind. He did a great job for me and took an genuine interest in me and my case. I would highly recommend him if you want a lawyer with a tenacious sharp mind.

Excellent lawyer! I dealt with a domestic assault and my case got withdrawn and I entered into peace bond. Thanks Mr. Horic

One of the best lawyers I ever hired got me out in serious situations when other lawyers couldn’t get me out always fights for his clients aggressively and will always get you good results.

He worked on my fraud case, result:my fraud over and my case Withdraw

Best lawyer ever I was almost getting 3yrs in jail but Monte got me probation thanks Monte

I have to give my upmost complete respect to Ismar Horic , if you are looking for a more than exceptional lawyer he is your guy , I have never seen a lawyer work so fast and be so admit with his work I had a previous lawyer before I fired him and was recommended to ismar horic and before he was even hired he was always eager to help me , I was in prison at the time of hiring him and was facing over 19 charges all extremely serious and he got me off on all charges and got me out of prison quickly , he knew exactly what he was Doing and was working so hard to get me out of jail by the time my trail rolled around all charges were dropped I almost agree to taking a robbery charge but he knew I was innocent as I was stating the whole time with victims proof as well and he refused to let me take that charge , he’s an amazing lawyer and I highly recommend him for anything between small charges such as a breech up all the way to murder I have full faith in him THANK YOU you saved my life

Words cant describe how much i deeply appreciate Mr. Ismar Horic, i was charged with some serious offenses that could have resulted a lengthy jail time period, such offences were attempted murder, aggravated assault, discharge of a fire arm and other fire arm related charges. These offences caused my family and i a great deal of stress Mr. Ismar Horic helped us every step of the way, he was extremely supportive and always kept us optimistic. With his help i was later acquitted of all charges. I had a few lawyers represent me in the past and none of them were as perceptive and keen in handling cases like he does. I would sincerely recommend using Mr. Ismar Horic there are very few individuals out there that care like he does. i can honestly say your future is just as important to him as it is to you.

It’s all about getting the right lawyer.When you are in some kind of dispute with the law it’s best to get the right team of people on your side. Horic Law is just the kind of lawyers you want on your team.I was in a situation that I needed that help in my life.I do not know what to do or what to expect on my case .It was beginning to affect my personal life. Ismar never gave up on me, we fought till the end. We never back down, we never gave up and in the end we won. It felt so good to have your life back. I’m so grateful to have this problem sort out and not to worry about this anymore. Thanks Ismar for all your work. Hard work pays off bud. I recommend him to any one as a criminal lawyer he’s the best!

Excellent choice for me as he got Assault,DUI, reckless driving charges withdrawn in record time. I will recommend him to anyone in need of a good criminal lawyer.

Excellent lawyer! I was dealing with some serious domestic assault charges and after trial I was acquitted of everything. Not only is he very good but he will answer your phone calls and truly cares.