Practice Areas: Firearms and Weapons Offences

Weapons offences are a broad-ranging category that includes firearms offences in cases where guns are involved. Not all weapons are firearms though; offences can include charges for knives, brass knuckles, or even crossbows.

Charges under weapons offences can range from unsafe storage of a firearm to unlawful possession for an improperly registered weapon, to trafficking for more serious crimes.

Due to public policy and public safety concerns, the penalties for weapons and firearms can be severe. While a first-time offender represented by a skilled lawyer may be able to avoid jail time, sentences for serious offences can rise to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

The majority of weapons-related charges are dropped due to improper evidence. A skilled defence lawyer will work diligently to disassemble the prosecutor’s case in order to show that the search, stop, or interrogation were unlawful, and thus any related charges must be dropped.