Practice Areas: Domestic Assault

A domestic assault is an assault that takes place between “intimate partners.” This can include spouses, common-law spouses, two people who are dating, or former partners. The gender of either partner is irrelevant.

These charges are taken seriously, and prosecuted as (or even more) harshly as any other sort of offence.

Unlike in the movies, it does not matter if the party who makes the complaint wants to ‘press charges’ or not. Once a complaint is made, the Crown will assess whether they have a strong chance at obtaining a conviction, and proceed from there.

Additionally, because domestic assault usually takes place behind closed doors, one partner’s word against another can be enough for prosecutors to bring charges.

Charges can be serious depending on how the Crown proceeds, and can be as severe as 10 years in prison.

Whether or not charges are brought for a domestic assault is strictly in the hands of the prosecution. However, potential penalties can vary depending on the circumstances, such as the degree of harm inflicted, and whether the accused had any previous criminal record. A strong advocate will not only